How It Works

We do the cooking, you do the eating

Built to always Earn

We have strategically built a system through which every member will earn everyday with or without doing anything. Our earning-driven team have combined financial management and technical tools to ensure our Associates have the best on their ventures. Below are the what it takes to be part of Tarkleads and always smile to the Bank everyday.

  • 1. Signup:
    It takes less than 3 minutes to fill the signup Form an join Tarkleads.
  • 2. Fund Your Wallet:
    Use any of our secured medium of payment to fund your Wallet.
  • 3. Subscribe:
    Simply select any of the Packages, subscribe, sit back and watch daily earning coming in for you effortlessly.
    Note: Apart from Daily Return which you earn only on business days, every other earning happens everyday, no weekend, no holiday.
  • 4. Speed-up Your Earning:
    Start sharing your referral link and start building your network. As your network grows, your earning grows.