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“Our system is strategically programmed to keep earning you money in numerous number of ways”

TARKLEADS is an establishment that thrives in the foreign exchange world leveraging on the modern tools, knowledge and techniques needed to grow funds in the everyday global financial market be it currencies, oil, stock or any other entities that is being traded on the floor of the foreign exchange market. Our system is strategically programmed to keep earning you money in numerous number of ways. Aside the daily Investment returns, Associates also enjoy over eight (8) other bonuses, rewards and awards.

With the development of High-Tech software by our Infotech staffs for forex trading automation, this has provided a high leverage ratio thereby increasing the chance of bringing more profits to Associates and the company at large.

More About Us

We employ scientific tools in making decisions to match the investments objectives and also balance risk against return and performance. We participate in the global and largest de-centralized market in a professional and direct way.

We leverage on our experience, our dedicated real-time traders and our viable automation system to bring significant profitability, safety and management of risk that is often termed as calculated risk.

Some of Our Services include

  • Trading

  • Training

  • Principle Investment

  • Asset Management

  • Financial Advisory

Our Track Records keeps us ahead competition



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8+ Ways of making money with Tarkleads Inc.

You can earn all the bonuses as many times as possible simultaneously.

Signup Referrer Bonus


For everyone you refer and signup with Tarkleads, you earn $5 instantly.

Trade Return


On daily bases, you earn a percentage of your subscription without you doing anything.

Sponsor Bonus


Earn 5% of every subscription of all your referred members. You earn it over and over.

Team Plus Bonus


Earn a percentage of all your downlines subscriptions to the 9th generation.

Upgrade Bonus


Earn a percentage of all your downlines subscriptions upgrade to the 9th generation.

Side Toning Bonus


As new subscriptions enter your tree on both left and right legs, you earn.

Residual Income


From the level of Director to President you start earning Residual Income.

Renewal Bonus


Anytime any of your downlines renews his subscription, you earn a percentage.


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Our Unique Features

We have strategically designed built-to-last system

We have designed the most effective, ground-breaking, highly rewarding and yet a built-to-last affiliate system which will allow Associates to leverage their earnings by helping others reach the top. The diverse exciting bonuses, rewards and travel opportunities outlined in the affiliate program will guarantee the realization of short, medium and long term dreams of all our Associates that are willing and ready to work it out.


Team of Experts

Our Team consists of experts in forex whose wealth of knowledge span over 20 years.


Always Earning

Weather you are just an investor or a pro networker, earning is 100% certain.


Built-To-Last System

Our System is strategically programmed to keep earning you money in numerous number of ways.


Unmatched Giveaways

From time to time, there's always a form of giveaway to our Associates.


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